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FASHION REVERIE – JANUARY 14, 2016: “Weekend Fashion News Alert: Jared Leto’s New Gig, American Apparel Rejects Offer, Another Spring 2016 Campaign for Kendall Jenner, and Tiffany & Co. Documentary” by William S. Gooch

This is a good year in fashion for Academy Award–winner Jared Leto. In December of 2015, he was named the face of Gucci’s Guilty fragrance.

Now, Leto has another fashion job. Leto is the new face of the 2016 Carrera Eyewear campaign. Carrera, an Italian lifestyle eyewear brand, is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a new “Maverick” collection.

“I’ve known of Carrera since I was a kid,” says Leto, “and when I came across the Maverick project I was immediately connected to it as it talks about people that are brave, bold, that take risks, the wild horses, the people that are not afraid to fail, the type of people who have inspired my whole life.”

”I am enthusiastic about this collaboration and about Jared’s commitment to this project,” says Massimo Pozzetti, Global General Manager of Carrera. “Carrera chose him because he perfectly embodies the boldness and spontaneity of the new Maverick collection and with great joy we found out that he was already a follower of the brand.”

The international advertising campaign will launch worldwide starting February 2016.

Diamonds are forever

On February 18, jewelry fans will have the opportunity to watch “Crazy About Tiffany’s,” an independent documentary on the brand’s storied history, its unbeknownst impact on pop culture, and unique insights from celebrities. This incredible documentary that features Jessica Biel, Katie Couric, Rachel Zoe, and filmmaker Baz Luhrmann will be available on Tugg, the web-based platform that allows consumers to bring movies to their own local theater for fan or group screenings.

“After three years of being afforded a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Tiffany, I’m thrilled to get this film out there, and because the Tiffany reach is so vast, I’m grateful that Gravitas Ventures allows for distribution channels to reach those who share my curiosity about such an iconic New York institution,” explains “Crazy About Tiffany’s” Director Michael Miele.

“Crazy About Tiffany’s” will also be released in select theaters in the US and Canada on February 19.

American Apparel says no

Earlier in the week the financially strapped American Apparel was offered a $300 million dollar bid from a group investors who wanted to bring back ousted founder Dov Charney. Charney was fired from American Apparel in December. The $300 million dollar proposal, which came from Hagan Capital Group and Silver Creek Capital Partners, includes $90 million of new equity and a $40 million term loan, as well as business strategies from Charney.

The American Apparel board rejected the proposal. However, sources contend that American Apparel is open to a revised proposal.

Kendall proliferation

Kendall Jenner has landed yet another campaign. And Mango is the lucky brand.

Kendall is the face of Mango’s “Tribal Spirit” spring 2016 campaign. “Tribal Spirit” represents the brand’s new emphasis on digital campaigns over it annual catalog that the brand is phasing out.

Mango plans to release a new digital campaign each month with a beautiful model fronting each campaign that will represent a monthly trend. All this comes on the heels of the Spanish retailer announcing it will not be participating in Barcelona Fashion Week.

—William S. Gooch


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