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PAGES DIGITAL – FEBRUARY 16, 2016: “Watch: The Crazy About Tiffany’s Trailer” by Quinn Connors



Who doesn’t get even just a slight flutter of excitement when handed a small square box or sweet little bag in robin egg blue? Set to release this week, the makers of fashion documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s go beyond the blue to dive into the world of Tiffany in new docu Crazy About Tiffany’s. Focusing less on the timeline and more on the iconic jeweller’s pop culture status, filmmaker Matthew Miele was granted full access to the Tiffany archives. “I wanted the film to have a quick pace with fun celebrity storytelling, to resonate with a 21st-century audience,” Miele told WWD, “They didn’t really want me relying on their marketing and creative teams, which would give it the whiff of a marketing film.”

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Crazy About Tiffany’s, whose name is taken from one Tiffany’s-mad Holly Golightly, sets the scene as the fashion and jewellery set discuss their relationship with the iconic brand, but as Miele lets the camera roll, he captures more candid responses and anecdotes on Tiffany from celebrities and insiders. Straight away in the trailer we see American journalist Katie Couric talking about the magic and charm of New York City and ultimately Tiffany, but then, really setting the mood of the documentary, the camera stays on Couric as she breaks character and says, “do I know how to give good f-cking bites or what?” As he told WWD, Miele’s logic behind keeping these ‘unsantised conversation’ titbits was his effort to make the jeweller more accessible, “Tiffany is an intimidating place. Hearing a celebrity or expert make a mistake makes viewers more comfortable.”


For a place that appears to deliver an American dream of the perfect dashing man offering an exquisite diamond set in platinum to his smiley, beautiful bride-to-be, Crazy About Tiffany’s paints a different picture that’s a bit rougher around the edges. More F-bombs are dropped, Van Cleef and Arpels is mistaken for Tiffany, the jeweller’s iconic status is compared with 7-11, and stylist Kate Young praises the Peretti bud vase necklace for its ‘cool factor’, mentioning the Studio-54 era design’s usefulness as a possible hiding place for drugs. Mixed with the candid, unsavoury snippets, the documentary delivers a host of little known facts on the legendary brand, and flashes clips from Tiffany’s various cameos in pop culture – Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson screaming in excitement over a little blue box in Bride Wars,Ross from Friends reveals to Rachel’s sister Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon) that he hid a little blue bag from Rachel when she took the rest of Jill’s shopping away, and of course, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly utters the famed dictum, “I’m crazy about Tiffany’s”.


Crazy About Tiffany’s will release this Friday 19 February in the States, and while no date seems to have been announced for Australia, there may be a screening coming soon. Until we find out whether or not the documentary will grace us down under, watch the trailer for Crazy About Tiffany’s below.

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