Crazy About Tiffany's

WHO WHAT WEAR – FEBRUARY 19, 2016: “The Documentary Everyone's Talking About: Crazy About Tiffany's” by Nicole Kliest.

The Documentary Everyone's Talking About: Crazy About Tiffany's

We’re all about a fashion film, especially when it comes by way of a documentary. Getting to hear firsthand accounts from fixtures in the industry about subjects like legendary designers, editors, and photographers is something that, as Dior and I director Frédéric Tcheng put it, hasn’t been around that long. Thankfully, these types of movies have picked up traction, and we now have another one to add to the watch list: Crazy About Tiffany’s.

The film, released today, chronicles the astounding impact Tiffany’s has had since it was founded in 1837. In the documentary, we get to hear from stylists like Kate Young and Rachel Zoe about the weight (pun intended) that comes with dressing celebrities in the famous jeweler, and we get the story behind choosing that signature robin’s-egg blue.

And of course there are fun snippets from film and television like Sex and the City and Friends highlighting just how special it is to receive that little blue box and the clout that comes with wearing the collection.

If you’re interested in seeing the film, head over to its site to get all of the details. In the meantime—and because it’s Who What Wear’s flair week—pick up a shiny piece of jewelry for yourself over at Tiffany & Co.

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