Crazy About Tiffany's

FILM JOURNAL – FEBRUARY 19, 2016: “What should I see this weekend? 2/19-2/21” by Rebecca Pahle

What should I see this weekend?, 2/19-2/21


Jesus (in Biblical drama Risen) and Satan (in horror indie The Witch) face off this weekend at the box office. And with Easter just around the corner, too! As always, here's what our reviewers recommend:

(SR)=Specialty Release

The Good

Embrace of the Serpent (SR): “Even though Embrace of the Serpent’s sometimes violent and frequently otherworldly journey up a jungle-bounded river can’t help but echo Coppola and Herzog, Guerra pursues his own path in striking fashion.”

Crazy About Tiffany’s (SR): “Tiffany & Co., like Bergdorf Goodman across the street in Manhattan, is an obsession for many and, like that other store, is the subject of a documentary which is by far superior and a whole lot more fun than the director’s previous Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s.”

Born in Flames (SR): “The U.S. premiere of the newly restored Born in Flames gives us all an opportunity to reassess this indie classic.”

Snowtime (SR): “The movie, fortunately, doesn’t succumb to the frenetic busyness that drives a lot of animated features… The film’s humor and hijinks are aimed at viewers in the 6-10 age group—dog farts and brain freeze get their share of screen time. But, in the tradition of classic family fare, the story also delivers an unexpectedly sobering life lesson.”

Colliding Dreams (SR): “Delivers an admirably balanced and comprehensive account of its important subject.”

The Blah

Race: “Serviceable instead of inspired, the movie will perform decently thanks to the magic of Owens' name.”

The Witch: “A drama marketed as a horror movie, The Witch is sober, intelligent and not at all the kind of eerie creepshow its poster suggests. Moviegoers expecting sexy spell-casting rather than history and hysteria will be disappointed.”

Risen: “Handsome and sober, Risen wraps the biblical story of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in what's essentially a police procedural. It's an interesting take but might be a difficult sell to the faith-based audiences most likely to be interested in the material.”

Forsaken (SR): “The movie is too visually lovely to forsake, but the predictable story and basic plot holes remain unforgiven.”

Rolling Papers (SR): “The first instances of legal purchases of marijuana in this country are seen through a journalistic lens in this very likeable, if a bit too superficial, documentary.”

The Ugly

No movies sufficiently terrible to earn them a spot in the dreaded “ugly” category came out this weekend. Merry Christmas!


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